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international law

Students for the Promotion of International Law, Mumbai

It is an increasingly integrated world with growing trans-national interactions, the significance of International Law has never been greater. Students for the Promotion of International Law (SPIL), Mumbai is a student organisation based in Government Law College.  We, at SPIL Mumbai, strive towards taking legal studies to an empirical level and promoting law as an area of enquiry and study far beyond the realms of classrooms.

In the past, this student-based organization has successfully organized several events, including a lecture on the working of the International Criminal Court by Professor William Burke White of the University of Pennsylvania, a Model United Nations - Student Exchange Program with students of the School of International Relations, Tehran and the Government Law College International Law Summit- which is held annually, in the month of February.  

SPIL Mumbai also regularly organizes workshops on the basics of International Law, which have an overwhelming response from Law students across colleges and holds various events, papers, lectures, workshops and Intra College International Law Competitions.

SPIL, Mumbai

law college

Government Law College, Mumbai

Government Law College, Mumbai

Government Law College, Mumbai

Government Law College enjoys the distinction of being the oldest law school in Asia and has, since its inception in 1855, essayed a seminal role in the evolution of the legal and judicial landscape of India. Any discussion of India's legal system and culture today is incomplete, in fact, meaningless without a mention of Government Law College, Mumbai.

Looking back over the years, one realizes the immeasurable role this pioneering law institution has played in the judicial, political and historical life of India. Government Law College, with its illustrious history and a heritage spanning over a century and a half, has nurtured some of the greatest minds of today, not only in the field of law but in various other walks of life.

Since 1855, this premier institute of legal training has upheld it’s tradition of producing meritorious legal scholars who dedicate themselves to public service and reform. The generations of distinguished legal luminaries who have been nurtured by this unique institution, have made a seminal contribution globally, to the evolution of the legal fraternity.

GLC, Mumbai has a rich heritage and pedigree, it is the repository of erudition in the legal firmament and has had the privilege of guidance and tutelage under eminent legal luminaries such as Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, Justice M. C. Chagla, Sir Motilal Setalvad (first Attorney General of India) and several others who have adorned benches of the Supreme Court of India and the Bombay High Court. The students who have passed out from the portals of GLC have distinguished themselves at the Bar, the Judiciary and the Academe. From these portals, have passed the likes of five Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of India, Ms. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, former President of India, and Mr. Lal Krishna Advani, former deputy Prime Minister of India.
international law
Law college


students international law organisation



Prof. Rooprekha Chhabriya


Prinipal of Government Law College, Mumbai

Dr. Smt. Asmita Vaidya

Senior Members

Prajjwal Tikhole (Year V-III)
Vice President
Brinda Majumder (Year V-III)
Vice President
Tanisha Chauhan (Year V-III)
Apoorva Sinha (Year V-III)

Junior Members

Akshara Srivastava
Anuja Adukathil
havini Mishra
Harashvi Vora
Mahek Mulani

Muskan Meshram
Roshani Chaurasia
Shoaib Shaikh
Sanika Bhoye
Trisha Kalash
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A student organisation based in Government Law College, Mumbai

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