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Publications & Call for Papers

SPIL Publications & Call for Papers

In an attempt to facilitate legal studies, Students for the Promotion of International Law (SPIL), Mumbai publishes the ‘International Law Journal’, its yearly publication.

The International Law Annual comprises literature on the myriad aspects of International Law through an engaging confluence of short articles, analytic works on landmark cases, interviews with legal luminaries on contemporary issues, discussions and analysis on international legislation, and  book reviews. 

SPIL encourages you to submit papers on an array of topics chosen from the vast, intriguing field of international law. SPIL presents various opportunities to enrich your understanding of international law through legal writing. The research that is put in, coupled with the presentation and expression of thoughts in writing allows one to grasp fundamental concepts in this field clearly. The students in this process attune their ability to coherently present their research and formulate an opinion in accordance with their own understanding in matters of International Law. 

Accordingly, SPIL, Mumbai calls for short articles and essays from the student and legal
fraternity, professors, practitioners and scholars across the wide spectrum of Public
International Law.

SPIL Call for Papers

All members of the legal fraternity, practitioners, professors and students are invited to submit original academic works for the GLC-SPIL International Law Journal, Vol.3, 2023 and the SPIL National Legal Article Writing Competition 2022.


Submissions closed.

Theme: Submissions are invited on any topic of contemporary relevance in the area of International Law.

Download the Brochure for more details.

SPIL National Legal Article
Writing Competition, 2022

Submissions closed.

Theme: Changing Role of International Sports Law in the 21st Century

Download the Brochure for more details.

SPIL International Law Journal

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International Law Journal, 2022, Volume II.

June 13, 2022

SPIL International Law Journal

International Law Journal, 2021, Volume I, Revival Ed.

May 5, 2021

International Law Publications

International Law Annual,


SPIL International Law Journal
-Editorial Board-

Asmita Vaidya
Principal, Government Law College, Mumbai
Chief Managing Editor
Isha Palas
Senior Associate Editors
Khushi Khandelwal
Sushmita Pandey
Yash Layazawala
Junior Associate Editors
Ms. Princy D'Souza
Ms. Shaili Dhulia
Ms. Shivani Khot
Ms. Shreya Vasave
Ms. Shreya Saxena
Mr. Shubham Garg
Ms. Vidhi Sonar
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SPIL Archives

SPIL International Law Annual,  Issue 2, 2014

SPIL International Law Annual, 

Issue 1, 2013

SPIL International Law Journal,


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A student organisation based in Government Law College, Mumbai

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